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Have you ever wanted to find a Dilbert comic strip on a particular topic? You can try the Dilbert site but you can't always find it there.

Here is what to do: Simply enter one or two words into the search box above. You will get a list of Dilbert strips by date, a short description, and a link.


Search is working normally. If you notice any problems, technical or otherwise, please let me know. This includes if you can't find the strip you're looking for.

If you do still have problems, you have these other options to search:

  1. You can download the DSI. Open the dsistrips.json file with your favourite text editor, and search in there. That's what this site has always done. Get the DSI download here.
  2. Head on over to the Dilbert site and use their search. It works ok.


The Dilbert Strip Index (DSI) source is hosted at Github, and I make all changes available there.

You can visit the project page. The project page will keep you informed of the latest commits and minor changes as part of the commit log that git keeps.

If you prefer, you can download the latest zip file. The zip file is a convenient way to get the latest without having to go through the git checkout process.


The Finder has all strips from the beginning of the newspaper publication, 1989-04-16, up to 2017-11-30.

In addition to the search function, I have set up strip descriptions as browsable pages. That way, the search engines can help me index. We'll see how it turns out.

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This web site is not intended to infringe on anyone's copyright, merely to enhance your enjoyment of Mr. Adams' fine work. Because of copyright restrictions, there are no comic strip images here. Please do not ask me to send you any. Get your fix at the Dilbert site.

The source for the index used by the search tool is freely available on the Downloads page, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Canada 2.5 License.