Spring Pho at Byron's

Posted at: 2010-04-08 06:17

In what has turned into an annual event, we hosted pho at my place on Friday at lunch time instead of one of our usual pho restaurants. I made Pho Bo (beef soup), and my SO made deep-fried vegetarian spring rolls for an appetiser, both made from scratch.

Here’s a slightly doctored photo of most of the group:

group eating pho

There were eleven of us, and 72 spring rolls. We ate them all.

The Pho Bo was an assemble-it-yourself type lunch, where the broth, rice noodles, thin-sliced eye-of-round and barbecue pork were laid out in the kitchen, along with some sliced shallots and green onions and tofu puffs. Each person helped themselves, buffet-style, to the fixings for their own creation.

Pictures of the soups are below.

This bowl features lots of tofu puffs:

bowl of pho 1

This one has sliced beef at the top and barbecue pork in the middle:

bowl of pho 2

Great Time and Great Food

Hey Byron,

That was a fab time and yes ... wow we ate all 72 rolls :)

Cheers Pero

Great soup

Thanks much to you and E. - lunch was great! Really? 72? ;)